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A Shocker in the Swamp!

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1A Shocker in the Swamp! Empty A Shocker in the Swamp! on Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:02 pm


Hometown Hero
Hometown Hero
The Golden Panthers proved what it meant to be "golden", shocking the #2 Florida Gators in the Swamp.

It is a huge win - as Florida International has beaten undefeated opponents in two consecutive weeks. Tim Tebow threw for 3 touchdowns and 220 yards, but threw 2 crucial interceptions in the redzone. The Gators scored only two touchdowns in five red-zone attempts. Senior Middle Linebacker Mannie Wellington intercepted Tebow with 3:00 minutes left with the game tied at 24 a piece. It took a game winning field-goal by Dustin Rivest as time expired to receive the W.

The Gators could not stop the rushing game of the Golden Panthers and Daunte Owens proved to be the workhorse with 240 yards rushing on 37 attempts. Playing it safe, the Panthers' quarterback Paul McCall had 3 rushing yards - and a total of 3 rushing touchdowns - all within the 1 yard line. Coach Greg Wilson's conservative playcalling proved to be the key in the win, as Florida International won the turnover battle 2-0...this being the biggest stat of the game.

With wins against two top #5 teams this season (Alabama and Florida), the Golden Panthers just might claw their way inside the BCS top-10.

Final Score: FIU 27 - Florida 24

2A Shocker in the Swamp! Empty Re: A Shocker in the Swamp! on Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:52 pm


1st Year Coach
1st Year Coach
good job man

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