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Do you want your forum posted here? As the commish of a dynasty, you will be the Moderator the the forum. You will be able to invite people, make changes to topics within your forum as well as additional benefits. Custom forum categories can also be requested. In order for this to work, I need the following information:

1. Official Dynasty Name - this is the name that comes on the screen when you select "Continue Dynasty" from the NCAA 10 Dynasy Menu. Because members will be able to easily identify the name, it is required to be the forum name as well. However, additional forum categories can be chosen at request.
2. Requested Categories - self-explanatory

Pretty simple right? A few adjustments will need to be made. But basically, once the forum is up, you are in control of it and will be the one updating and maintaining your section of the board.

So what do this? If we have numerous dynasties included on this board, we will be able to exchange players and suggestions, in addition to having a tournament for the players. Many options will be available to us.

Interested? Just respond to this topic with request #1 and #2. Thanks!

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