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Hometown Hero
Hometown Hero
What's up fellas?

About half the league are members from "Project: Build a Powerhouse" (the other dynasty in our forum) - and the other half are new. Welcome new guys.

A few things need to be discussed before we get this thing off the ground.

1. This is the most important... NO CHEESING. ONLY SIM PLAYERS. I can't stress this enough. Don't waste our time with it because you will get booted without hesitation. No ridiculous substitutions, no manually moving the DE way outside of the Tackle, no excessive scrambling with the QB - and all of the other little cheeser techniques. YOU MUST READ THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE LEAGUE.

Here is the thing fellas...if you want to play cheese then that is your decision - but don't do it here. There are plenty of guys you can find a game with. Just hop online and go to "Play Now" in the Online Area. You'll be able to cheese as much as you want. But for the sake of sportsmanship and your forum teammates, DON'T DO IT HERE. I will check stats weekly and will look to see if anything is out of the ordinary. If I see something that doesn't add up, you'll get deleted from the league and banned from the forum.

Basically, don't waste your time. You will get caught. And that means all of the time you spent recruiting and playing will be for NOTHING.

2. Any jerseys, logos or stadiums need to be 100% accurate before we start our league. Once we start, there is no turning back. Once the teambuilder teams are loaded, you cannot switch them out or make changes. If you happen to have an incorrect jersey, logo or stadium - just give me the correct jersey/pants/helmet # and I will make the appropriate changes. Same goes for stadiums and logos. I will not go out and do the research for you. I'll make the changes to the teams - but I'm not going to hunt down google images or correct logos. You'll have to do the work and I'll make the changes.

3. Be fair, be respectful and participate. I'll post a streamlined version of official rules (server disconnects and cheeser guidelines) so that there are no confusions.

Any questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let me know.

I'll be sending out official invites on Saturday evening - so keep a lookout. I'll also be sending a league-wide email to double-check that everyone's email is correct. I'll try to do both around the same time. So keep a lookout in your INBOX.


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