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Season 2 Ready + Details

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1Season 2 Ready + Details Empty Season 2 Ready + Details on Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:53 am


Hey fellas - sorry for the slight delay. Ran into some issues over the weekend that had to be addressed, couldn't make it to the forum to give it the appropriate attention it deserves.

I'll try to add two new players within a day or two so that we can keep it at 12. Its just best to have it maxed out at all times.

Also, all schedule requests were granted. I might have made an error or oversight, but I tried my best to get everyone the games that they wanted. For future reference, if you want to keep track of Home/Away cycling between rivals, you'll have to do that yourself because there are far too many teams for me to keep track of that!

Enjoy Season 2 - we've waited long enough!!!

P.S. A new NCAA 10 update was released, so many of our bugs from last year should be fixed without a problem.

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